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Reasons e5 Men Decided to Fast (List #11)

 “To heal from infidelity”


“I need chastity and purity weapons”


“To add another dimension to my spiritual life”


“To strengthen my marriage and faithfulness”


“It might help my spiritual life get back on track”


“Renew my mind and refresh my spirit”


“To purify myself for my wife”


“Follow Joseph’s example in protecting Mary”

Free Will and Fasting

By Steven C. Habisohn, e5 Founder

Jesus Christ came to set us free. But free from what and when? It would seem that Christians have been jailed and persecuted from day one. It seems that literal slavery still existed after Christ and many Christians were slaves. So what was this gift of freedom that Jesus gave us? 

First of all, the concrete freedom from literal enslavement and persecution will be given us in the next life. But in this life, what is the guarantee of freedom? 

To me, this freedom is clearly the gift of grace to exercise our free will more freely every day as we open ourselves up to Christ's gift. 

We so often don't realize how we lack freedom. How we, as St. Paul laments, do the things we don't want to do. Our flesh seems to often enslave us to its dictates. The difficulty of eating too much, talking too much, among many other obvious temptations of the flesh of lust, greed, and pride. We are not yet totally free. Yet Christ promises us, if we exercise our free will in love he will be there for us with his gift of grace to transform us to be truly free whether we are literally jailed or not.

However, it would seem that exercising our free will in love is painful because we are so focused on ourselves as a result of the fall of man. To truly love another, to be truly free and not simply reacting to emotions, it is a path of self denial and sacrifice. The ability to look outside our self and deny ourselves for another is the TRUE Freedom that Christ offers us. When we honestly make an act of sacrifice for another we can be sure that it was an act of a free person.

Jesus was the most free person every to walk the planet and his penultimate free act was an act of total self sacrifice. His divine act of freedom opens the gates of freedom itself. 

I pray that you experience in your fast this month that sense of freedom that comes with the act of self sacrifice for another.

May you and your loved ones have a freeing experience as we celebrate the coming of our Lord who sets us free from our self absorption.