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Reasons e5 Men Decided to Fast (List #3)

 “I’ve got an awesome wife.”


“To express my gratitude to God for my loving wife”


“Want to change my marriage and be help in the church”


“I want to reconstruct my marriage”


“Time to man up for my wife”


“To help women know their amazing value and beauty”


“God is revamping me to be a warrior for my wife”

God is Good, You Can Trust Him

By Steven C. Habisohn, e5 Founder


One of the several lies that Satan told Eve was that God was holding back something from her and Adam. He told her that

"You certainly will not die! No, God knows well that the moment you eat of it your eyes will be opened" (Gen 3: 4,5)

Satan convinced our first parents that God is holding out on them to keep them lower than Him. That God is not good. God Lies and God wants to Lord Himself over us. God can not be trusted. It is based on belief in these lies that man constantly tries to grasp at happiness instead of trusting that God himself wants to give it to us as a gift.


However, God the Father sent his son to dispel all of Satan's lies especially the one that God is not good and can?t be trusted. Satan presented God as a tyrant but Jesus presents God as a loving husband. Satan presents God as a slave driver - a dominating Lord. However, Christ during the scourging at the pillar shows us that God is not a slave driver- One who would whip us - but a lover beyond imagination that allowed us to whip him.* He does not condemn but instead lets himself be condemned. He puts himself at our mercy rather than we at his all to show us that he is the exact opposite of a tyrant.


Satan tells a similar lie today. He tells women that men are not good, that they cannot be trusted, that they are tyrants. Since the original sin men have often lived up to this description. However, through Jesus' example at the scourging and the grace he offers, men can now conform themselves to Him. Men can now take on Christ and be Christ to the woman in their life. By fasting for their bride they untwist the lie by both becoming trustworthy and also by showing their bride that they are willing to suffer for her. They become the true servant of their bride instead of a tyrannical dominator.

The more a husband has Christ living in his heart the more his bride will see the true Christ. Through fasting for your bride you become a living witness to her and to all women that GOD IS GOOD, YOU CAN TRUST HIM.

* Thanks to Christopher West for this insight into Christ's scourging.